Friday, December 3, 2010

Riot .303 - Crowd Control 7" EP

Riot .303 from Calgary kind of reminds me of  The Subhumans. Ron Hadley sang for this band and later went on to Beyond Possession.

Cardiac Records, 1982

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  1. hey man, cool you offer this one for download. think i had it already on some file too already but that doesn't matter. it's a great record though. i like the voice as i totally like Beyond Possession. never saw em but was in contact with ( BP) em back in the early 80's. yeah,this Riot 303 ep is on ebay right now for more then 100 bucks right now. and , yes, your blog is really cool! i love canada punk rock and rock since a very long time. i had a nice young lady as penpale from montreal over many years in the mid 80's. so what are you doing workin in Entebbe then? chhers from germany. kalle, or you ahve a facebook account,too?