Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Entirely Distorted - What Gives? Demo

Here's a special treat for you, the demo tape for Entirely Distorted from Edmonton. I haven't seen this posted anywhere else so enjoy. I have a copy but don't have access so a huge thanks to DaveGeek for uploading it! This comes with no track listing so if anyone has this info please leave a comment or email me. This was another one with sound quality issues so I cleaned it up the best I could.


Or, the unedited version at a higher bit rate as m4a



  1. What the? No track listing? This is horrible! What sort of a monster would do this? Oh wait, nevermind.

    Sound quality was an issue that plagued Entirely Distorted on all their recordings for some reason. Too bad, they were amazing live and really nice guys.

    The cover was the ED guy shrugging as though to ask "What Gives". The "Make Toast Not War" was their t-shirt and featured the same figure this time happy and smiling at the toast we was about to eat.

  2. DaveGeek, you must be from Edmonton and your memory is obviously much better than mine. After reading your comment I dug around and found an old gig poster scan with what looks like the cover art and changed the post.

    After editing, the sound came out not too bad considering. when I go back to Canada I'll try to copy my tape to mp3 and scan the cover and the lyric sheet I'm sure was in it.

    Thanks yet again for setting the record straight and for sharing this cool Canadian band.

  3. Guilty on both charges. They were probably my favourite local band at the time. I only wish I could remember the damn song titles.