Monday, September 12, 2011

Infamous Scientists - Noise 'n' Rythm 7" EP

The first EP from Andy Kerr's Infamous Scientists. This one's a little more poppy sounding than the Trouble EP but still worth a listen. Again, there where only 500 issued.

Alandhiscar, 1981


  1. Hey, I've been looking for this for a LONG time as well! AWESOME!!! Thanks!

  2. thanks for this - been looking for the infamous scientists stuff for years. nomeansno on their first couple of european tours with andy kerr were some of the best gigs i have ever been to.

    keeping a music blog going from uganda is pretty impressive i reckon - looking forward to what else you will share. are you getting to see music in uganda? sure i heard there was a couple of metal bands too