Monday, November 1, 2010

Down Syndrome - 7" EP

 Down Syndrome from Edmonton. I know I saw them sometime, somewhere, with somebody because I bought this EP at the show. I think it was with SNFU or maybe DOA.

Black Sun Records, 1986


  1. The band I was playing with at the time(Corpus Vile), we played our first show opening for Down Syndrome at Wellington's in Winnipeg in January 1986. GREAT band. This is definitely one of the best Canadian Hardcore releases of the 1980s.

  2. Corpus Vile sounds familiar for some reason, did you guys ever tour?

    1. They did tour a couple of times, but not with me.
      They played around in Ontario as well as Omaha, Iowa & somewhere else in the mid-west.
      Then they put out an LP on Fringe called "What Does It Take". By that time they were quite speed metal-sounding.It's a good record but very different from when I was in the band.
      The bass player, Todd Olsen, does the 7 Inch Punk blog. It hasn't been operating for awhile, so I hope he hasn't given up.